3 Simple Steps to Getting Awesome Patient Testimonials

May 9, 2017 Weight Loss 0

Let’s face it – everyone loves a great success story (especially when it comes to weight loss).  It’s good for your patients and it’s good for your business.  Testimonials also make marketing you and your practice a breeze!

Unfortunately, many physicians and office staff make it more difficult than it has to be.  They either avoid obtaining testimonials because they are afraid to ask or aren’t sure how to capture the testimonial (let alone know what to do with it afterwards).  Can you relate?

Well we have created a way to make obtaining testimonials second nature at the office.  Even better, you can get awesome patient testimonials without a lot of fuss and production.

Here are 3 tried and true steps we use to create fun and engaging testimonials that can be used right away!  Find, Capture & Share

  1. Find your happy, healthy and successful patient and ask them to share their inspiring story. They will consider this an honor and 90% of the time are happy to oblige (even if they are hopelessly shy).  Then find someone in your office that loves social media, taking photos and/or videos.  You know…the creative one with the positive attitude.  If no one fits that bill, select the pleasant, organized one all the patients adore.  Have them take the lead (because as the physician you shouldn’t have to do this/nor do you have time).  He/she will be the contact set up a simple system that includes patient permission documentation and a way to efficiently accomplish step #2.
  2. Capture your testimonial photos and/or quick promo videos easily. No need to get too fancy – your phone or a mini iPad will do.  Hopefully you always take a before photo (we include it during the patients’ initial visit).  Be sure to document their permission to use their photos/comments.  Try to capture their personality and take advantage of those special moments such as when you catch someone on the scale when they yell with delight as they hit their 100 pound weight loss goal.  We make it a big deal for our awesome surgical patients and make sure they know that at their 1 year visit we will be taking their picture (and of course, ask them for some amazing comments about their journey).
  3. Share (aka Promote) the stories of your patients openly on places such as your website, social media sites, posters in the office, promotional e-mails and any other way you can think of. You can easily set up an eye-catching social media branded template with your logo, before and after photos and an inspirational patient quote.  We post these as “Transformation Tuesday” posts on our Facebook page facebook.com/docweightloss in addition to the many other methods I mentioned.

Bottom line – keep it simple and enjoy inspiring others while you grow your business while you grow your business and don’t forget to thank your patients who are willing to share.   If you have any question or other topics you would like to hear about, I would love hearing from you!  Reach out to me at Karol@WeightLossPracticeBuilder.com