Are You Prepared…Or Winging It?

September 10, 2018 Savor the Day 0

Are you prepared or winging it in your business? Do you plan or leave your future to chance?


Either can seem to work but with preparedness & planning comes a sense of calm & ability to accomplish more while allowing creativity to thrive. You mind is freed up so you can enjoy the moment & your days more fully.


In Virginia, like much of the East Coast, we are preparing for a potential hurricane. While it is easier to hope this is a false alarm & avoid potentially unnecessary preparedness actions, preparing our business & homes for an impending hurricane can make a frantic situation a bit saner.


A business strategy I find works well is to have regular Monday meetings with key management staff to review goals, evaluate what happened the prior week & what is planned this week to ensure goal attainment. In addition, I always ask if there is any way the team or I can be of assistance. 


Each team player takes ownership of their goals. They control necessary actions & as a group, we keep each other accountable as well as track success/areas for improvement. In fact, these meetings are very efficient lasting 30 min or less. We know what’s going on and better prepared for a productive week.


Let us know what’s working for you? In the meantime, stay safe!