‘Boots on the Ground’ Marketing?

February 28, 2019 Bariatric Business Boss 0

Is ‘boots on the ground’ marketing obsolete or helpful for physician practices? My answer: It depends.

Physician to physician marketing has become frustrating. Gone are the days when physicians chat openly in the physician lounge about medicine & life. With the many changes in healthcare, many no longer even make hospital rounds or admit patients under their service. And at physician offices, it is often difficult to get past the gatekeeper even if you are a physician making a personal contact. This creates barriers to effective marketing between referring practices.

It’s kind of like snail mail. In order to be seen, you need to communicate in memorable ways & consistently. You need to also get on their top referrer list for the services you offer. Done well, you can be successful.

Steps for success: update your provider/address list; create an efficient route for one of your staff or someone you hire to visit offices; try to set up a time with them but don’t let this stop your representative from rounding on offices at least quarterly; take them something memorable, useful & branded to your practice. Learn who the referral specialist is for the practice & get to know them. For medical group centralized referring offices, don’t forget to visit them as well.

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