What About Engagement and Commitment?

September 17, 2018 Practice Administration, Staff Support 0

What’s the best way to create engagement (aka emotional involvement & commitment) with your team and your patients? You may think this is ‘woo woo’ but the best way to create engagement is by First-showing you truly care & Second–keeping things interesting & exciting.


In fact, these actions work amazingly well for any relationship of importance to you–such as marriage 😉


Think about it–who are you most emotionally involved with & committed to? It’s the people you care about most (& you know they care about you as well). So it is understandable that your employees will be more committed & perform better if they know you truly care about them. Also, your patients will be more compliant if they know you truly care & if you keep weight loss exciting.


So how do you do this? For employees, get to know them, their goals & what’s going on in their life. I am not saying you need to get into their business, but taking an interest in them instead of monitoring their output & asking for more will go a long way. For your patients, sharing simple & interesting recipes, hosting fun events & highlighting their success will help keep them engaged. For example, tonight we are having a low/no sugar protein margarita party at the office – yummy & fun! What are you up to in your office?