Add a Retail Store

Add Up to $40K Revenue/Month

Add a Retail Store

Add up to $40K revenue/month and improve patient outcomes!

Thinking about adding retail to your practice as an additional revenue stream (which also happens to improve patient outcomes when implemented properly)? Tried retail in the past unsuccessfully? Some of our stores generate $40,000 of revenue each and every month. We help you select the best products, train your staff and help you market them to your patients. Best yet – YOU don’t have to do the selling.

Retail Implementation Includes:
  • Evaluation of your situation for the easiest implementation (you can begin as small or as large as you prefer)
  • Product recommendations
  • Pricing recommendations
  • Packaging recommendations
  • Product sales systems recommendations
  • Staff training if desired
  • Systems creation for optimal sales process
  • Marketing options
  • Monthly sales promotional packages (optional)
  • Monthly event ideas/planning (optional)

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