Turn Key Weight Loss Programs

Tried and True Weight Loss Programs

Turn Key Weight Loss Programs

Why re-invent the wheel? Use our tried and true medical and surgical weight loss programs!

If you are looking for a turn-key medical or surgical weight loss educational program to add to your practice, you are in luck! These programs have proven results and can be customized (white labeled) for your practice. We can also include staff counseling training and retail sales as desired for optimal results and revenue generation.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. You license use of the educational materials and choose how customized you want the materials to be. We do the rest!

Turn Key Weight Loss Programs Include:
  • Creation of online membership site
  • Maintenance of membership site
  • Customization of all tried and true educational materials/modules with your logo/branding
  • Unlimited number of participants, one low monthly fee
  • Marketing materials for promotion
  • Sample marketing campaigns
  • Charge whatever you want
  • Can include comprehensive training and documentation for counselors and you can charge whatever you want for your counseling services
  • Optional monthly newsletters
  • Add on retail nutritional sales for an additional revenue stream and improved patient outcomes

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