How do you recover from disappointment?

September 25, 2018 Savor the Day 0

How do you recover from disappointment?  As I savor the day today (or maybe not savor so much today), I reflect upon a conversation that didn’t end up the way I had hoped.  Sometimes people promise things and then don’t deliver and/or just come up with continued excuses…a BIG warning sign. I guess, such is life–for all of us!

So when this happens, how do you handle it? For me, I usually take a deep breath, allow myself to have a SHORT pity party, say a prayer & remember all I am grateful for in my life. Then I put my thinking cap on to validate options and set a plan for where to go from here.

These are also the days when I fully value my “Savor the Day” evening time with my husband to talk to & brainstorm with regarding the situation. He often has a different perspective & ideas that I may not have imagined.

I also tell myself…where one door closes, another one opens. Thus, showing my eternal optimism and why my oldest daughter gave me a sign that states “Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things will always work out.” (Gordon B. Hinckles)

So if you are having an off day, know you are not alone. Time to pull from within and remember “you’ve got this!”   If I can help YOU in any way, message me – helping others always makes me happy.