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5 Profit Engines of a Successful Bariatric Surgery Practice

5 Profit Engines of a Successful Weight Loss Surgery Practice

8 Week Online Course

Build Efficient Systems, Improve Your Patient Outcomes and Enjoy a Healthier Bottom Line

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This online course teaches you/your key staff exactly how to implement the top 5 Profit Engines that are critical to any thriving weight loss surgery practice. You will learn the system that I have created after nearly 20 years of experience as a bariatric surgery practice administrator, hospital administrator and actual front line leader in the trenches helping bariatric surgeons and patients alike.

Whether you are building a new bariatric surgery practice from scratch or have an existing practice trying to get ahead of your competition and survive in today’s heath care environment, you will benefit from this course. You will discover the strategies that lead to consistent revenue along with efficient systems that function without your direct involvement.

Here is a brief outline of the course and what you have to look forward to!

In this module you will complete your Opportunity Audit so you can become crystal clear (based upon your current real time statistics) regarding what you are doing really well, strategies you can add and where to focus your efforts for the quickest results.
In this module you will get real about your plan to maximize your efforts toward attaining your revenue and patient outcome goals. You will create your roadmap for success so you can confidently move forward your specific implementation plan.
In this module, you will take a deep dive into the Retail Profit Engine. You will learn how to integrate each step for building a retail store with $10,000-$40,000+ revenue consistently each and every month into your business. Through this process, you will also learn strategies for building patient loyalty and engagement.
In this module, you will learn the nuts and bolts of creating an online, onsite or hybrid style patient education program for your patients that sets you apart from your competition. You can do this yourself or through integration of our turn-key systems.
In this module you will learn the secret sauce to attracting cash pay patients. You will get very clear regarding those you enjoy working with the most and then how to implement marketing systems that attracts those patients on a consistent basis.
In this module you will create your incentivized referral program the low/no cost way. You will also learn the no pressure way of attracting more patients from your current clientele.
In this module you will learn the tools of the trade when it comes to online marketing and automation. You will get templates to implement right away and build your first campaign.
In this module you will learn strategies for continued growth, even in a down economy. You will learn how to engage your entire team and promote a growth mindset and commitment to overall long-term business success and stability.

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