Do You ‘Walk The Walk’?

December 4, 2017 Staff Support 0

Today I’m going to talk to you about whether you practice what you preach. We all work with weight loss patients either surgical or non-surgical or both.  One of the things that are very important  in terms of congruency is to practice what you  preach.  I’m not saying you have to be perfect in everything (work out 6 days a week and never eat anything that has more than 10 carbs in it). You do need to practice what you preach. It can be really hard. I can attest to this.  There are days that are good and days that are not so hot when it comes to my diet or fitness.  But the reality is, it’s always in the back of my head, and I know internally I feel so much better when what I’m doing is congruent with the way I feel and what I know I should be doing.  Just from a health perspective for myself and as an example for those that I serve.

So, I’m just going to ask you that question:  Do you feel like you have that great congruency? If you do, I say Yay! Celebrate. That’s great. If you don’t I ask you to think about that. Here we have a fitness center and a nutritional store. We’re very tuned in and have an expectation for our employees to participate and to use some of the products. We cut the price really low so it’s affordable for them.  We pick things that we really love.  So, every morning we’ve got our shakes going and when we have our fitness classes, oftentimes our staff is right there next to the patients working out. I’m getting ready to go do my workout and just wanted to stop and talk to you a little about this topic to make sure you can show that congruency.

The other things we do here to make sure we’re practicing what we preach is that we don’t really have sweets. Even for birthday celebrations we have some little cupcakes but we’ll always have a healthy alternative.  We have cheese or berries. Something that is better for us instead of having just a whole bunch of junk. We rarely have reps come in bringing lunches, but when they do, they’re bringing something that is more of a salad with some sort of protein on it. We don’t allow the breads and pastas to come into the practice. That way, we can help practice what we preach. It also helps us be congruent and makes us feel better about promoting things for our patients.

None of us are model size and we’re not perfect but we’re always striving. We always have challenges amongst ourselves. It’s a great environment to work in. It attracts great employees and it helps with retention because they have access to everything they need in order to be healthy (products, visits with the physician, fitness, counseling sessions).

Just a question to you?  Are you practicing what you preach? If you are, keep it up! If you’re not, think about incorporating some of these things for yourself too.

One of the other things we’ve done is a Slim Down Show Down competition. It was for the community and it’s so much fun to bring people in here and help them get healthy and do some healthy competition amongst them.

These are just a few ideas. Give me a shout out if you want to brainstorm something for your practice. And if you need help with anything.