Easy Way to Stand Out from Your Competition

February 26, 2019 Bariatric Business Boss, Savor the Day 0

What’s your story? Do you share it with your patients?


If you’re anything like me, you like to keep your personal life…well, personal. However, as a part of your patient attraction strategy & to improve patient engagement, I encourage you to share a little bit about where you came from & what you value/enjoy/believe.


You don’t have to go overboard, but including YOUR personality tends to build a desire for patients to work with you because they feel as if they know you better & this increases their trust factor. You want to stand out in a helpful/giving way (nothing fake or boastful). Here are a few ideas for you to periodically share in a quick video or online post/blog:

• Why you chose the field you are in.

• What you enjoy most about working with your patients

• How you practice what you promote (fitness/food)

• Quick pics and videos with successful patients (with their permission of course)


You don’t need to make it a difficult process to capture & post. The only tools you need is access to the internet, your smart phone or your computer.


Need help? Contact me at Karol@WeightLossPracticeBuilder.com or consider joining www.BariatricBusinessBoss.com for weekly training, direct access to me and many other benefits. Cheers to you and your patients! I wish you MUCH success!