Fan of Facebook Live?

September 21, 2018 Savor the Day 0

Are you a fan of Facebook Live to reach your current and potential patients? 


We are about to go live with a 15 minute Facebook live from our office via the hospital’s main Facebook page. In between, our surgeon runs his own Facebook live sessions. We find them EXTREMELY fun & helpful for education & attracting new patients. Here are a few ways to use Facebook live along with some information about the (non) tech necessary.



• Introduce a new team member or service

• Share weight loss information with a personal touch

• Answer commonly asked questions about your services

• Personalized Q&A

• Share an on the spot testimonial

• Show your human side & build a relationship with your patients

• Publicly track weight loss progress for a physician/staff/patient

• Introduce a new product & why it is helpful

• I could go on and on


Tech: You can get all fancy but really, all you need is your iPhone connected to your Facebook page and a tripod or steady hand. 


I will share simple technology options in a separate post or message/e-mail me for my recommendations if you can’t wait.


In the meantime, have fun with it!