Free Customizable Weight Loss Resource for You and Your Patients

June 19, 2017 Uncategorized, Weight Loss 0

With two-thirds of the American population being overweight, weight loss is a conversation that needs to happen on a regular basis between patients and their healthcare providers.  Unfortunately, many providers do not have the time to counsel patients and/or the resources to properly educate them about how to lose weight.

Free Weight Loss GuideThus, we have created an easy to follow document that you can customize with your own physician information and practice logo.  The document covers 12 simple to follow steps to begin an effective (and fun) weight loss journey.

With this tool, you will:

  1. Have an easy way to address weight loss with the many overweight/obese patients you counsel in your practice every day.
  2. Provide your patients with a personalized, effective resource that has helped thousands of people learn the most important steps to weight loss (not short term gimmicks).
  3. Set yourself apart from other physicians/practices while staying top of mind with this helpful resource that patients will keep on hand and share with others.

This customizable 12 Step Plan to Weight Loss Success has been well received by many physician offices and their patients.  It can be downloaded from our website at

Just and edit it to be your own (changing the physician name on page 1 and then the logo and physician information on the last page).  It’s that simple!  Then you can use it as a printed document or a shared document via e-mail or newsletters.

In the meantime, if you want to chat about how to enhance weight loss services for your practice, feel free to reach out to me at