Free Resources for Your Bariatric Practice

November 1, 2018 Practice Administration 0

Who doesn’t like free resources?  I certainly do. It’s a way to shorten your learning curve and get where you need to go faster. It’s also a way to help enjoy the journey along the way.  For any Bariatric Surgeon or hospital program that is looking to advance much quicker I’ve got a number of free resources available for you on our home page (

On the very front we have actually a checklist to go along with my most recent best-selling book, “5 Profit Engines of a Successful Bariatric Surgery Practice.” But don’t let the title fool you.  It’s actually applicable to just about any physician office and certainly medical weight loss as well. But there’s a little checklist guide right there on the front page you can download for free. There’s also a pop-out if you wanted to get the full book, your own copy. Also on the home page at the very top you’ll see a button call Free Resources. If you click on that you’ll get to an inside page where you can download some of the things that people ask me for the most.

One of those is selecting what Retail Vendors you may want to use in your store.  I put together my favorites and why.  That’s one of the free resources.

Another one is an Editorial Calendar for how to do your social posts. It’s a way to organize your thoughts for you and your team and also plan out a few months ahead.  You can have it all planned out with regards to what you’re doing in your store and the programs you offer in your office. You can keep that all together—what you’re going to be posting, where you’re going to be posting, who’s responsibility it is. That’s another resource I get asked about all the time.

The third one is for practices that might want to add their own educational program (Membership Site List) and you’re not sure how to do that.  How do I build a membership site? You may do a lot on site but it’s also very helpful to do it on-line. As you know, people are on their devices all the time. So, you want to have a site where you can upload that information and stay in contact and be engaged with your patients. I’ve outlined my favorite one’s for you. My team and I actually use all of them. It’s not something I’m just getting off a website and putting together for you.  It’s actually stuff that we use each and every day for ourselves or some of the practices that we work with.

And, finally, the last one we have is a guide for Landing Pages & Email Marketing Systems. It’s a way for you to stay in touch with your patient. That one is geared more toward those that want a do-it-yourself marketing. You want to build some of your own campaigns, guide your patients to a landing page, and build all that out and communicate with them on a regular basis. We also do some do-it-yourself marketing services for people.

So those are some free resources available today right now. If you go to our website, I’m always putting something new up there. I’m always updating things. Give me a shout out if there’s something else I can provide you with. It’s I look forward to hearing from you.