Your Bariatric Business Toolbox

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No matter where you are in your business, it’s always nice to shorten your learning curve and save LOTS of time and money by avoiding a great deal of trial and error.

Here, I share with you my favorite tools, vendors and products so you don’t have to start from scratch like we did nearly 20 years ago.

My commitment to you is to be the one to test out new products/processes to determine what works well or is a waste of time and money so you don’t have to. I will keep these resources up to date and continue to explore what will make marketing, operating, automating and growing your bariatric practice easier and most cost effective.

You can consider these free resources, checklists and cheat sheets your access to my Bariatric Business Toolbox. I encourage you to download any or all of them for free!

Karol Clark

Karol’s Favorite Nutritional Retail Store Vendor List:

Discover my favorite vendors for tasty protein products to offer in your retail store.

Karol’s Favorite Landing Page and E-mail Marketing Systems:

Find out my favorite online tools so you can create attractive landing pages for your products as well as positive patient engagement.

Karol’s Educational Membership Site Comparison Chart:

If you want to offer your educational programs in an online membership site, these are the ones I like best!

Karol’s Sample Editorial Calendar:

Here’s a sample of how you can organize your social media posts all in one place to make things simpler.

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