What healthy habits do you practice in your office?

June 19, 2019 Savor the Day 0

As I review a presentation Alice Edgerton & I are giving this week to our local Peninsula SHRM group (so excited), I can’t help but reflect on the potential impact you can have on your team and yourself!

I am often surprised at how many weight loss practices assist with significant health improvements for their patients but do not persist in the same outcome for themselves and/or their team. Here are a few rules we abide by in our office (happily) that contribute to team health:

  • No sweets (except on birthdays)
  • 50% discount for staff on all nutritional products in our retail store
  • Free fitness center membership for all staff
  • Free access to all educational & fitness classes
  • Rare sales rep lunches brought in (only protein/veggies/salads)
  • Free participation in all medical weight loss programs

We also do various team challenges such as morning squats/planks/crunches and the like. When a dessert does show up as a gift, one of our diligent staff writes how many carbs is in each serving & posts it right there! All in fun, all with an intent to help & be intentional so we consistently practice what we coach others to do. It’s a beautiful thing!

What healthy habits do you practice in your office?