What’s Holding You Back?

September 18, 2018 Practice Administration, Savor the Day 0

I am an insatiable Audible book listener.  Why? Because I love books, I love learning, I hate wasting time and I swear I have reading induced narcolepsy (no lie-just ask my husband)!

I heard a quote this morning on my way to work while listening – “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” By mountain climber, Sir Edmund Hillary. Wow – isn’t that the truth!

True confession – I have gained 10 pounds over the past year (not something I am particularly proud of since I promote healthy living as a part of my personal & professional mantra). It’s true though & I am publicly admitting that I will have it gone by the end of October, 2018. This is my current mountain in addition to accelerating my consulting business with some new services to better help bariatric business leaders.

What typically holds me back from attaining my goals? Not the goal itself (I love a challenge). It is me, myself & I!

This quote was a great reminder to continue to push through negative self-talk about my weight gain & temptations to slip into enticing, comfortable & yummy old habits. It was confirmation that my decision to go back to the habits I promote and KNOW work IS the right path…no matter how hard it may be (especially at the beginning –like exercising at 5am every day, planning my meals & avoiding the foods I know are not good for me).  Small accomplishments will lead to attaining my goal & I will not let myself get in the way!

How about you? Are you holding yourself back in your personal life and/or your business?