How to Grow Your Bariatric Practice Quickly

August 10, 2018 Practice Administration 0

I want to talk to you about a question I get asked often by my consulting clients.  That question is, “How can I grow my bariatric practice quickly?” Like many of you, I can be pretty impatient when I know there’s something that I want or that I really need. I want to give you some tips on how you can move there in a quicker fashion in terms of growing your weight loss practice.

The first thing is to have your daily commitment to grow. That means you know what it is that you want and what your goal is, and every single day you’re taking actions towards getting to that goal. It doesn’t have to be a linear path. It can be one where you’re working on a variety of things. But you want to be laser focused on getting to the other side of that riverbank. Realize that you’re kind of like the water in that riverbank. You’re going to encounter obstacles and you need to be very malleable just like the water. You have to clobber over some obstacles and go around some obstacles.  You want to make sure you just keep moving over to the other side.  That’s a matter of knowing what your goal is and having a laser focus each and every day. You can’t do it by yourself.  You’re going to have to include your staff, and let them know what your goals are. If you’re a bariatric surgeon and you want to increase your total number of cases, start with 5 additional cases a month. That needs to be the goal, so the staff needs to know about 5 more cases a month. That means one or two more a week. It’s amazing how they’ll come up with additional stepping stones, processes, or actions you can be taking to get to that goal as well. You want to make sure you enlist your staff. Then they can also understand your laser focus and your picture of why? Make sure they know what those goals are.  So stay laser focused with daily and weekly goals that your staff is aware of as well.

bariatric practice funnelYou want to put some systems in place for automations. For example, you could have a great system in place for an automated marketing funnel. This means you have an ad out there that leads to a free giveaway which leads them into an on-line webinar. You get those leads and nurture them along.  You eventually bring them in, your staff works with them, and then converted over to surgery and that’s how it all goes. But you can have all those great systems in place for automated leads coming in, but if you don’t have anyone in the office with a system in place for converting those leads in a very efficient and customized manner, then it’s not going to matter. They all have to work together. Those systems have to be in place. Having some automated sales funnels in place so you’re not having to do the sales all the time, and you have active leads coming in on a regular basis, that’s really helpful.   When I work with bariatric surgeons I encourage on-line education and on-line webinars.  It’s a great to help them get to know you and be more comfortable the first time they walk through your office. So automated funnels and automated systems in terms of how to nurture those leads and convert them into some services.

The next part of that is to keep the patients happy. Make sure they’re engaged in your practice, and they really know they can trust you.  They need to know you’re committed to their outcome.  Then, they can refer family and friends and acquaintances that can benefit from your services. That’s something that can happen automatically. It’s also something that you have to be laser focused on, and make sure you put systems in place for asking for that referral, and to have a way to capture that referral and share with more people.  It’s about not only you sharing your expertise, but also some of those outstanding patient outcomes so that you can keep those coming in here as well. You can evaluate where you want to have those automated funnels. Also, where are your patients primarily (FB, Instagram, Google search)?

The best way to grow your weight loss business fast is to have a laser focus of what your goal is. Then, engage the help of those around you and/or experts out there who can help you with that. Whether you utilize me or other services, make sure they have a proven track record and they’re committed to you.  You’re not just another number of another person. Put in some systems for conversion of any potential leads that come through patients.  Then you want to keep that whole cycle of attracting patients, providing them with outstanding services, and them obtaining those referrals.  It can become quite a well-oiled machine. It helps take that pressure off (“I’ve got to get more sales..”).  Getting that in place is really helpful. Eventually you as the bariatric surgeon are just keeping track of the overall statistics and tweaking as you need.

That’s it in a nutshell even though we know there’s more to it than that. Reach out to me if I can help in any way.

I also have tons of free resources and blogs and videos that can be helpful in terms of setting these things up at my website:

Thanks so much.  Until we talk again, have a great day!