Have a Little Fun at Work

December 11, 2017 Staff Support 0

Today I want to talk a little about your “fun factor.”  Now I know seeing patients is a very serious thing but in weight loss it’s actually pretty great that we get to see a lot of success, and success makes us happy. Being happy is a great way to be at work.  And some days your days may not being going as great, but a lot of times that’s where your fun factor will help save the day and keep everybody moving in the right direction.  It improves job satisfaction for all your employees.

I was going to talk about some ideas for your fun factor.  A lot of them are things we’ve put into place already in practices here and other ones I’ve worked with.  One of the things you can do is a have a particular day of the week where they get to be a little bit more themselves. For example, we do a Fun Friday. On Fridays people get to wear jeans (but dressed professionally), which is a special thing.  It’s also a day we do counseling and see patients but yet it’s also our cleaning day. We play music, make sure everything is shredded, everything is cleaned up, and everything that our housekeeping can’t get to because of potential HIPPA violations. So Friday is our day where we wear jeans, play some music, and gets tidied up and ready for the next week.

Another of the things we do is when someone sneezes we don’t say “God Bless You.”  We say, “You’re beautiful.”  It’s just kind of a funny thing and when patients hear it they wonder, “What the heck was that? But it’s just one of those things we do when someone sneezes and it makes you feel good.

Some of the other things that are helpful is sometimes in the morning often times we have a little workout routine.  We do our sets of squats, crunches, planks, and a couple other arm exercises.  It’s just a way to get invigorated before the day starts and have a bit of camaraderie, and a competition never hurts either. So we’ll incorporate that for a fun day.

We also do special things for each other.  It could be just a note that’s left on a computer with one of the note pads that says, “Hope you’re having a great day” or “you look beautiful today.”  If we know someone is going through something we make sure we have a picture posted that will make them laugh.  We take silly pictures around the office and then post them up in various places. It’s just a way to help build that relationship and repore.

We have a fitness center here, and we offer group fitness classes and encourage the staff to participate. It’s a good, fun thing for them to do. If you’ll notice, none of these things cost a lot of money, but it just builds that camaraderie and desire to come to work and be a true team and work together. Once you start a few of these things (and it really does come from the top-down),   it creates a life of its own. As long as everything is done in a professional manner and it doesn’t interrupt patient care, that’s acceptable and something that makes your place different.

What’s you fun vibe at your office?  I’d love to hear some of the things that you do to make if fun there. If you get a chance, give a shout out.  We’ll be able to add those in and share with others too. I hope you’re having some fun at work in addition to making a great impact to the patients that we all serve, helping them to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.