How are your marketing efforts going?

August 28, 2018 Savor the Day 0

How are your marketing efforts going? Some days new patients are flowing in and then other days, it seems as if you can’t get a new lead or convert them (as appropriate) into an established patient to save your life!

I know it’s more than that. You are working with people who actually become a part of your weight loss family, but the reality is that in order to survive and thrive…you have to have great marketing and sales systems in place!

This week, after reviewing our metrics carefully, we are drilling down into all of our marketing/sales systems to see where some ‘tweaks’ may be helpful. This involves our ads, landing pages, e-mail sequences, in-person communications, nurturing activities, testimonial process and everything in between. You may dislike marketing, outsource everything or just ignore it altogether. While I admit marketing can be frustrating, for me, I love it!

So for the next few days we are reviewing all aspects of our marketing funnels to make sure they resonate with the awesome people we are honored to work with every day. We are making sure they speak from the heart and are enticing but don’t make false promises (can be sexy but always ethical).

So far, we have decided to modify some ads, simplify our opt-in process and edit some written communication.

Metrics will determine our success. Soon I am hopping on a call with a client to do the same with them.

What marketing efforts are working well in your practice?