5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Physicians Make

July 9, 2018 Practice Administration 0

I want to share with you the 5 biggest marketing mistakes physicians make. You may think, “Are physicians really doing their own marketing?” Well, a lot of them are.  A lot of people want to be doing their own marketing because it’s much more cost-effective and a better message to deliver.  What are those mistakes that physicians make typically? I’m not picking on physicians, but this is something that commonly happens in medical and surgical practices.

The first mistake is that the wrong message is shared.  Usually the problem is that it’s too broad.  I work with weight loss surgeons and bariatric physicians who want to add weight loss to their practice.  Oftentimes the message is for anyone who wants to lose weight. It’s trying to serve the whole population versus focusing in on a specific part of that population-whether it’s post-partum mothers or the morbidly obese, etc. . . . But even more specific than that is getting down to the minutia like diabetes and how it affects their life. Or how does hypertension affect their life?  How about their inability to do the normal things that people can enjoy with their families like going to an amusement park. What about tying their shoe or getting to the mailbox and back.  Those are the things you have to target. If you can take a specific diagnosis and market to people who are suffering from that, you’re going to have much more success than just marketing to everybody out there who might want to lose weight. They’re not really sure if you’re talking specifically to them. If you get very specific then people understand and it makes them pay attention to what it is that you’re sharing.

The second mistake is the wrong focus.  When people are doing marketing they want to differentiate themselves from the competition. That’s great down the road. But initially you need to start to draw those patients in that you want to serve, and you want to build a relationship with them.  Do don’t make it all about you. You want to be selling the “shade not the trees.” What you want to be sharing in your message is not so much about you but how you can help them solve the problem that they’re experiencing, and help them with a better and more fulfilling life. You want to focus on that rather than yourself.  People want to know what it would feel like if they don’t have to take diabetic meds anymore, or what it would feel like to not have to take their anti-hypertensive meds.

The third mistake is leaving it up to someone else. I completely understand that physicians are busy. I’m married to a surgeon. I know you guys don’t have the time to sit down and get too involved in your marketing. But it is something you need to be involved with because it’s representing you to the clients you want to attract. What happens if you always just delegate it to someone outside your business is they don’t know your clients and who you want to attract. You have to really be involved at least from the start. Then, you have to make sure the message is getting out there. In the long run you’re doing yourself a disservice is you relegate to someone else. You can tell your story the best. You can tell patients why things are important. Being a part of that process is really critical.

The fourth mistake is ignoring some of the internal resources that you have. I’ve worked with practices before where they can bring all their marketing in-house and do it themselves. It’s easier now than it ever has been. I’ve got some free resources are practicebuilder.com with easy graphic builders. There’s so much out there that you can use that make it so simple for practices to do it. Then you can customize your messages. The simple thing is to know what you want to have as your message and where you want to put that message out there-FB or other mediums. Create your message so that it resonates with what you represent. It’s also a great, easy way for your staff to learn a new skill, like being able to get testimonials on the fly. It’s as simple as getting some of that set up and then setting up a really simple editorial calendar so your staff knows what to post and when. I know you have people in your office that are great at graphics, or could be. I’m a clinician and I create graphics all the time. The tools out there are so simple and easy to use. I’ve got other podcasts about using the tools. It’s so easy to do that with Stencil or Publisher or others. Don’t ignore those people in your practice. We can help train people.

The fifth mistake always tends to amaze me. People don’t measure their return on investment. They agree to a monthly program with a company, which can be costly, but you’re not even sure if you’re getting a good return on that investment. I like to have at least a 3-1 return on investment for every dollar I’m investing. Make sure you are measuring results. It doesn’t just matter how many impressions you get or click throughs. That’s all great stuff as you set up your funnel.  But what really matters is did you have a new patient come through the door? Did you have a new surgery on the books? Did you have a new patient’s referral program that went off the charts because you marketed it properly?  Those are the things that really matter.

So those are the top 5 things that I see as an issue. Those are the things that you should concentrate on.

Those 5 issues are pretty simple things to fix. If you want to hop on a quick call I’d be happy to chat through that with you. It’s karol@weightlosspracticebuilder.com

It’s something I love doing. In the meantime, I hope you can take this information and apply it to your practice so you can see better results. I hope you have a great day. Thanks so much for listening. If you haven’t subscribed, make sure you subscribe to this podcast. Have a great day and take care.