Is Phone Etiquette a Thing of the Past?

February 19, 2019 Savor the Day 0

(Slight Rant) Phone etiquette is different from office to office. Varied systems for call triage are utilized. Yet, have you listened to your team on the phone lately?

You may think we’re antiquated when you hear we don’t use an automated phone answering system during office hours or at lunch. A live person answers the phone-all-day-long. Our entire team is also trained not to let the phone ring more than 3 times.

So, I was answering the phone & had a request to quickly fax labs to an office. The person on the other end seemed very annoyed & didn’t want to answer questions confirming necessary info. Once obtained, I tried to fax & was met with a busy signal for >15 min. I called back & was put on hold for at least 5 min & finally hung up.

I didn’t want the patient inconvenienced so I called her cell, confirmed her location, told her the situation & asked if she could obtain another fax number. She was appreciative.

The patient put a nurse on the phone who was equally as rude to me as the receptionist yet gave me a new fax number that worked. Do the leaders know how their staff treats others on the phone? Quick reminder to listen & constructively correct such situations. If it persists, you likely don’t really want these individuals representing you and your practice.