Photo Sessions for Added Inspiration

October 29, 2018 Patient Testimonials, Savor the Day 0

I love sharing patient success through photos! As you know, it’s truly a transformation because most of your weight loss patients openly share they are very uncomfortable in front of the camera. The camera they used to avoid.

Last week we had a professional photo session with some patients so we can better share their success story & inspire others. We always see such a mix of emotions at photo sessions – fear, confidence, happiness & gratitude to name a few. What also amazes me is their intense feeling of being honored that they were asked to participate. Yet, as clinicians, we are the ones who feel honored to be chosen to help them on their amazing weight loss journey.

When your days are long, your nights are spent worrying & overwhelm sets in, it’s great to have these photos & people in your life to bring meaning to what you do each & every day.

Cheers to everyone out there losing weight, improving their health & bringing all of our dreams to life! Cheers to you, their talented caregiver who supports them each and every step of the way as well.

I will be sharing some ways to use these photos later this week as well so stay tuned.