Lucky Charm #4 – Create Systems and a Team that Consistently Runs Effectively and Efficiently

Want more efficiency and effectiveness in your practice (instead of unpredictable chaos)? In this podcast, Karol shares the systems that creates this reality. In fact, you can get a deeper understanding of her systems via this bundle (great for new

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115 – Lucky Charm 3 Establish an Easy Multi Media Relationship With Current and Prospective Patients115 – Esatblish

In this episode, Karol shares a simple social media process that can begin wherever you are. She also shares the top mistakes practices make when it comes to reaching their ideal patients on social media. Free resources include a sample

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114 – Useful Market Data Research Trends and Predictions All Weight Loss Physicians Should Know

The data guy himself – John LaRosa, President of Marketdata Enterprises – shares the real numbers about the entire weight loss industry (medical, surgical, big box, franchises, nutrition) along with trends to be aware of as we continue to adjust

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