Quality Vendors Make Great Retail Partners

November 20, 2017 Retail Profit Engine, weight loss retail store 0

I recently attended Obesity Week 2017 in Washington, DC and had the opportunity to interview several people representing some of the businesses that support the weight loss industry.  The following is my conversation with Jay Satinsky from the Robard Corporation.

Today I’m here with the Robard Corporation.  I’m here with none other than Jay Satinski who’s been with Robard for 30 years!

Jay:  That’s correct. I’ve loved every year of it.

Karol:  And he’s good at what he does.  I’ve worked with him for over 10 years and it’s been great. One of the reasons I wanted to talk to Jay today is because Robard actually happens to have our best- selling product in our retail store! He’s had that best- selling product for a number of years.  They work really hard to create puddings and shakes in a variety of ways and in the most delicious ways so your patients don’t really get tired of it. Tell us a little bit about Robard and your products.

Jay:   We’ve been in business for 40 years, since 1976. We’re a manufacturer of meal replacement protein food supplements.  It’s important to us to not only have products that are nutritionally superior with high quality ingredients, but the products have to taste good. Over our years of working with customers, if the products don’t taste good, the patients don’t stay on the program. When we develop products we have to have high quality ingredients that taste good, are palatable, and provide satiety for patients to stay on the program.

Karol:  A couple of other things that you guys do differently I think is you’re one of the first ones to do aspartame free and also a bit more fiber, which is very important for our patients. It’s one of the biggest complaints that we hear is about constipation. So you guys are in the forefront of that from what I’ve noticed.

Jay:  Yes. We have a whole R & D department. They stay up on the latest research that’s happening in the nutrition field and weight management field.  As we get that information and research is validated, we develop our products to be cutting-edge, safe and effective, and meet the needs of the patient population we are servicing.

Karol:  You’re also very easy to work with. If a bariatric practice was interested in using your products what would they do?   What step would they take?

Jay:  What they normally would do is contact our company, Robard Corporation, and we would have one of our sales representatives speak with them about their practice and their goals. We would send out information to them with samples. We’d follow up with a phone call and learn a little more, and get them started with a program and products that meets their needs. We also do a lot of on-site training. We provide a lot of medical protocols, marketing assistance, and business development for a comprehensive practice.

Karol: We’ve utilized your products first hand and it’s been really great. One of the other things they do is the opportunity to private label for practices that have a high volume.  This is nice because your logo goes on every box that leaves your office. How does that work?

Jay:  A lot of companies are trying to establish their brand name in the marketplace. So we allow them an opportunity with private labeling their name on our boxes. The way they get started is very easy. It’s three thousand dollars initial order of product. That’s enough product for 25 patients for one month. And then we allow them to take those products and sell it in their facility with their brand name. We work with them to help integrate our products into their program.

Karol: Of all the businesses that I work with, yours is a very prominent label I recommend for all those reasons we have talked about. We’re running over on time.  I want to make sure we’ve covered everything. I really appreciate your time Jay. If you need to reach Jan, what is the e-mail?

Jay:  jay@robard.com

Karol: Awesome.  Everybody have a great day and have a nutritional day.