September 11, 2018 Savor the Day 0

Today in particular is a day when I can’t help but feel extra patriotic as I remember the 2,997 people that tragically lost their lives on 9/11/01. I pause to take notice of the strength, leadership and courage of their loved ones, first responders and this nation in the face of such a cruel event.

I remember exactly where I was and my intense desire to leave work, gather my 3 children and hug them along with my husband…yet having to wait until the end of the day.  I cried with our team at the surgical office I managed, yet also tried to keep it together for them and the many patients we cared for that day.  Underneath it all, I feared for all of us, along with the 8 month baby girl I carried inside…my youngest daughter Kaylen.

An event such as this leaves its mark – forever.  I continue to pray for everyone affected from 9/11 and for tragedies that continue to challenge our great country.

As we prepare for hurricane Florence here and along the East Coast, I pray for the safety of all in harm’s way. I trust this nation will come together to help, heal and comfort those that need assistance. For serving others is what makes life worthwhile. During times of need, the immediate courage, leadership and service from friends, family, first responders, our military, our leaders and strangers who just want to be of service to others is one thing about this country I am most proud of.