Go From Self Destruction to Your Best Self

September 27, 2018 Practice Administration 0

Did you ever feel like some days you’re just going through the motions, and you keep doing the same thing over and over?  You’re not sure how to get out of that rut you’re in because you’re not seeing progress towards your goals. You may experience your health start to decline.  That’s something that happens to a lot of people.  I have to confess.  It happened to me not so long ago. So I wanted to share how you can conquer what’s going on in your life when that’s happening.  It affects every aspect of your life:  relationships, work, and health.

Some of the warning signs are things in business starting to decline, lack of progression, being really tired and worn-out, and putting on weight. It just doesn’t feel good at all.  These are the steps I want to share with you in terms of what you can do to turn that around:

Start with yourself.  Take a little introverted look at yourself.  What are you doing? Are you eating the wrong types of food?  We’re in this health profession and we have to practice what we preach.  We know we feel so much better when we’re focusing on adequate protein, controlled carbohydrates, and cutting out artificial things. Can your eating be improved upon and can you commit to making that happen? What about sleep?  Are you getting your 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night, or are you one of those people who think you only need 4?  But we know that’s a fallacy. Are you staying hydrated? Are you living off coffee and diet coke? I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I love diet coke.  I had to really reel that in and bring it down to just a special treat every so often.  I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.  So when I put myself in there I’m all in.  Are you preventing yourself from making progress?

Ask for help if you need it.  It could be a consultant for your business or an accountability friend. I talk once a week with a girlfriend. We talk about what our major business goals are, personal goals, and family goals. How are we in terms of meeting those? Are we making progress? If we’re not making progress, why not? What can we do to change this? I like to do that with business owners.  It’s an easy way to get a big view of what it is you have going on in your business, and how can we get to where it is you want to go. I have an awesome staff.  As soon as I ask for help, it’s amazing what these employees you’ve nurtured do.  They rise to the occasion and want to be of assistance to you. Let them do it.  Sometimes they come up with better things than what you came up with. If you tell them the end goal, they’ll come up with some crazy, awesome ways to get there.

Take a look at your close relationships, whether it’s your co-workers, parents, children, or spouse. Make sure you’re not neglecting that.  Most of us will find when we’re having a conversation and you stay engaged, you can reach higher heights and deepen relationships. I find that if I give more in my relationships I get so much more in return, and it’s amazing. When you’re frustrated and stressed, sometimes you just want to cut off those relationships because it adds more stress to your life.  It really is something that can bring you more joy, more calm, and help to advance you where you want to go.

Those are just a couple of tips that I find work well. I know that a lot of you are so stressed out there, whether it’s business or personal. But take that time to follow these steps because they will work for you.  If you need help or want to talk about anything just reach out to me:  karol@weightlosspracticebuilder.com    I hope you have an awesome day and don’t forget to take care of yourself.  Thanks so much for your time.