If it’s simple, it gets done!

October 22, 2018 Practice Administration, Savor the Day 0

If it is simple, it gets done! I love attending & presenting at conferences. I just returned from a Women Who WOW conference in Nashville presented by Michelle Pippin (previously interviewed on my podcast). One of the things I love about working with her is that she practices a productivity mantra of ‘If it is simple, it gets done!’

In business, we often continue complicated actions because that’s what we’ve always done. I challenge you to look at what you & your team are doing. Figure out what drives results & what isn’t working. Then eliminate your non-productive behaviors & processes. Refreshing right? You eliminate to-do’s instead of adding them!

For example, determine where your BEST patients are coming from as well as where you are attracting the wrong patients. Boost the former & forget the latter.

I am amazed when I talk to practices that continue non-effective time consuming marketing efforts because it ‘might’ work in the future or because it’s an activity their competitor is doing. Or, have a high ad spend but no idea as to whether or not they’re experiencing any ROI since there are no measured results. There is a better way!

Need help? Reach out to me. In the meantime, free yourself from what doesn’t move the needle in your business.