The Most Important Thing in You Can Do in Your Practice

August 20, 2018 Practice Administration 0

Let’s talk about the most important thing you can do as a leader in your practice. That is to hire, train, and nurture an awesome staff. I say that because any successful practice is as successful as the staff that is working there. Their position is totally critical and they can be successful independent of any of their staff. However, the overall functioning of the practice and the growth of the practice is going to depend on everyone working as a team. Having the right people in place is critical to that success. I can’t stress that enough. When you surround yourself with great people, it just does a number of things:

  1. It grows your practice at exponential rates.
  2. It makes your life a lot easier and it makes your life a whole lot more enjoyable.
  3. It’s also much more enjoyable for the journey of your patients.

When you’re hiring your staff and you have to replace somebody, a lot of times the personalities can be just as important as the skill set that they have. Letting them come in and do a little trial is also very helpful. Including your staff in the process is helpful. You want to train your employees well. Some of the biggest train wrecks that can happen to people who are lost is that they came in and were thrown to the wolves. You might not have the perfect orientation system but you do need an orientation checklist, a contract to they know what their job expectations are, they know their job responsibilities, and you take time to train them well. Let them shadow someone who is a superstar in your office so they can learn some of those habits. Also make sure they have training with the lead person at the practice so that they can get a bit of your vision. Make sure they get to know you because you might think you’re totally approachable and easy to get along with.  But any type of administrator can be very intimidating to others or staff.  Even though you tell yourself you’re kind, it can be intimidating. You don’t need to be their best friend, but they need to know your vision and what your expectations are, and that human side of you. So, that training is really important.

Then, you need to nurture them along. Understand and sense whether they’re having trouble along the way. Make sure they understand your expectation is to handle any interpersonal conflicts themselves first and to act like mature adults, not adolescents. Nurture them by understanding what their ultimate goals are. You can help them succeed in whatever it is they want in life. That’s what’s going to keep them really satisfied and keep that longevity at the job as well. You may even be nurturing them into a position that causes them to leave your practice. But the important thing is that you made a positive impact while they were there. They were happy as an employee, and you helped them move to where it was they wanted to go.

The last thing is rewarding your staff. I don’t always mean financially. Certainly that’s great. I’ve found that bonuses can work well for that. The best thing is just giving them kind words, feedback, constructive criticism, even doing some group activities with your staff. Sometimes I’ll leave a birthday note on someone’s computer and I’ll see it there a couple weeks later because it meant that much to them. All it said was, “Happy Birthday” with my name on it. I usually do a little artwork with it too.

Those are probably the key things, that as the leader of your organization, are super Important and one of the things that can be the biggest benefit for your practice. It can not only increase the growth of your practice but the speed of your practice growth and your overall reputation in the community and overall satisfaction for yourself.

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