It’s Time to Update & Upgrade Your Business Card

March 20, 2018 Weight Loss 0

I have an idea about updating and upgrading your business card.  I’ve been talking to Bariatric surgeons and doing some presentations about unique and non-traditional marketing methods for attracting your ideal patients and surgical patients for weight loss surgery. One of the things I’ve been talking about is creating a way to update your business card. The way I recommend people do that is to update your business card to a book; a book with information that your patients want and need. It’s easier than ever before to publish a book.

I actually have a book that’s created with the 21 most common questions that patients need to know.  So, it’s filled with 10 questions that people ask a lot, 10 questions that they should be asking, and with a way to contact. We have a book called, “Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for You?” It includes the top 10 questions you need to ask.  You can take this book and create it for other surgeons and insert your own information—testimonials, your own forward, etc. We can make it really super easy for you to create this business card.

You may be thinking, “Why would I want a book as a business card?” In this book, we address a lot of the questions you get every day at your seminars and webinars:  What are the best surgical options for me?  How do I know if I qualify?  What if insurance doesn’t cover? Is my weight loss surgery reversible?  How can I prepare for weight loss surgery?  These are things they really need to be thinking about ahead of time if they’re considering weight loss surgery.

The great thing about having this book as your business card, you can give this to patients when they come in for their seminars or webinars as a signed gift. It’s really important because a book is something they will take the time to read and something they won’t just throw away.  It’s something that’s really valuable to them. The other thing is, the patients have family members or friends who would also be candidates for surgery. A book is something that’s easy for them to share with other people.

A book is very beneficial for your patient. It better prepares them for WLS.  And, it’s a long-lasting marketing tool for you, and a way for you to be recognized  as a leader in your region.

If it’s something you haven’t thought about, reach out to me:

I can help guide you through exactly how to create a book to be your new marketing tool for your patients and to increase that reach that you have.  Also it builds a relationship right from the beginning when patients are coming to visit you as their contemplating WLS. You’re actually providing them information that they very desperately need and are searching for all over the internet. You put it in one concise place for them to review and to take home as a gift from you. It’s proven to be very effective.

So reach out to me. I’d love to help make that happen for you. Until our next time together, have a great day.  I appreciate you and I’m sure your patients appreciate all that you do to help them lose weight and regain control of their lives so they can enjoy life to the fullest. Have a great day!