Top 10 Job Satisfaction Criteria for Front Line Bariatric Surgery Staff

October 26, 2017 Staff Support 0

I recommend that at least once a year, you meet with each staff member within your practice to verify what is important to them in their job and inquire about their personal and professional goals. This can be combined with a performance appraisal if necessary.  This will help you understand any issues that may have cropped up and help you plan for appropriate advancement within the company depending upon their performance.

Through such discussions with key front line staff, I have identified the Top 10 Criteria for Optimal Job Satisfaction. These are listed below (in no particular order):

  • Excellent and reputable physicians
  • Reliable CRM tool
  • Marketing campaign to get patients in the door!
  • Proactive, customer service and follow-up
  • TEAMWORK…it makes the DREAM WORK!
  • Organization
  • Compassion – along with this narrative – As a patient walks into a weight loss practice some are already feeling embarrassed, ashamed and even scared of the journey ahead. So compassion is something that everyone working in a weight loss practice should possess. Not only are we here to help the patient lose weight but we are here to help ease the patient into this life changing journey.
  • A well planned friendly and positive environment with accommodations for larger patients
  • Before and After Surgery Program that is educational and supportive
  • Support (for staff) from physician/management with excellent communication

Once you understand what your employee’s value, it makes your job easier because you can let go of things that don’t contribute to job satisfaction and concentrate on those that do. In fact once identified, I recommend you review your discovery with the key leaders of your organization and rate your performance on each. This will help you identify where to focus your efforts.  And I don’t mean handle them alone.  This is a great time to involve your staff to brainstorm ideas.  You will also want to verify that your perceptions are actually your reality.

In fact, I set the expectation that if someone has a concern or problem; they share it with at least on solution for consideration. You will find your team members will generally rise to the occasion and make the entire process of quality improvement easier and more acceptable to all.  It also contributes to a negligible attrition rate and thus, less time orientating new staff.  Now that’s refreshing!

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