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Position yourself as the definitive weight loss surgery expert in your market.

Weight Management University for Weight Loss Surgery™ is a comprehensive 12-month post-surgery program, that is automatically shipped to your patients every month so they not only rave about their surgery, but teaches them how to change the destructive habits that brought them into your office in the first place.

Weight Management University for Weight Loss Surgery™ consists of 12 CD’s, 12 DVD’s and 12 full color modules/newsletters that are filled with important lessons on diet, behavior modification and fitness. These 12 modules come complete with inspirational success stories from patients, favorite recipes, shopping lists, monthly homework and a game plan to confidently get through each month stronger and prepare them for the next.

Weight Management University for Weight Loss Surgery™ may be customized to include your logos, branding, contact information and your picture in the pre-created materials. We offer an initial consultation, program introduction and coaching with you and your staff, setup, design and re-branding of the materials.

“Not only have my patient outcomes after weight loss surgery been enhanced, my patient referrals have increased by at least 20%.”Dr. Thomas Clark

A Turn-Key System

12 CD's

12 DVD's

12 full color modules

Weight Loss Practice Builder has developed a turn-key system for you, your practice and your patients, and efficiently delivers it to your weight loss surgery patients. The program runs on auto-pilot, so you never have to lift a finger!

To get started today, or if you have questions about how you can benefit from this post-surgical education program, please contact us at 757-272-1082 or email us.

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