What Products Should You Carry in Your Retail Nutrition Store?

October 18, 2018 Patient Education, Practice Administration 0

I’m here having a great time at Obesity Week with Kristina Spellman.  She is the director of product and program development at Bariatrix Nutrition. The main reason I’m talking to Kristina today is because a lot of the questions I get are, “What nutritional products do you recommend for our retail store?”  As most of you know I don’t use just one corporation.  But Bariatrix Nutrition is one of them that I really love for a lot of reasons. So I’m going to let Kristina talk about their products and then I fill in a little about what we like best.

Kristina:  We are having a fantastic time here at Obesity Week. We love our products as well. Let me tell you a little bit about them. We try to pare both form and functionality with great taste.  I’m going to repeat that again.  Great taste.  Because that’s really the key. Our products taste amazing. Some of our best sellers are our bars.  We have a wonderful array from lemon crisp all the way to our best-selling which is the salted toffee pretzel which I have right here. Killer!! That’s what we do best. We really try look at the patient as a whole.  We want to make sure we’re giving them the best nutrition possible but also it needs to taste amazing.

Karol:  Well I agree on the taste. That’s the biggest reason why we carry it in our store. It’s also very affordable.  They’re always coming out with something new. They have great new products coming out which helps keep variety in line with your patients. Boredom is one of the worst things that can happen.  So, keeping that variety is important.  They haven’t something new I just heard this morning.  I was going to let Kristina tell us a little bit about that product too.

Kristina:  Absolutely.  And just to touch on the variety piece, that is 100% true. So traditionally with the low calorie diet, dieters burn out.  It’s chocolate, vanilla and strawberry…..It’s not fun to be on a plan like that. One of the things you’ll get with Bariatrix Nutrition is variety.  We also want to educate people.  I know you like this product.  This is what we would consider our meal starter or our base.  You can pair these with flavor packs for convenience.  That’s the key.  Or, you can use fresh ingredients using our recipe books.  We really want to teach people how to work with fresh ingredients. We also want to provide them new products maybe give them a replacement to something that they’re using in their diet that isn’t so good. For many that diet coke in the morning is what jolts them and gives them that boost. Now they can replace that with Biofix.  What’s great about this is that you get little bit of the mental acuity from it, but you also get hydration.  It’s powder that you add to water.  We’re always coming up with something new and keeping it fresh.  This is our newest option in the Biofix.

Karol:  The other thing is they have a great staff. They are easy to work with, easy to order from, and always really nice. I’m not just saying that.  I’m speaking from experience.  What’s the best way for someone to get a hold of you besides contacting me at karol@weightlosspracticebuilder.com

Kristina:  They should go to bariatrix.com.  They can learn about the various offerings we have and all of our products, and get in touch with us.

Karol:  That’s all the time we have here today.  It’s getting a little loud.  Crowds are coming in. Let me know if there are other topics you want to hear about. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day.

Kristina: Thank you so much.