What’s the Buzz About Bariatric Busines Boss?

February 21, 2021 Bariatric Business Boss, Practice Administration 0

Bariatric Business Boss members not only have access to training on EXACTLY how to create a practice that creates phenomenal patient results, but one with predictable profits that is enjoyable for them and their teams! Available in an online membership site and a convenient app for “on the go” access, your resources are plentiful – and more are added every week! Also, you get 1:1 time with me to work on projects that are top of mind for you and your practice.

A common question I get is what exactly is included for physicians and their team in Bariatric Business Boss membership. Well, here is a sneak peek at what Bariatric Business Boss is all about!

This membership is designed for people who are busy and on the go. It’s not only intended for weight loss physicians but also for their teams. The weekly video trainings focus on the issues we all face each week. They are impactful and short enough that you can watch it quickly or listen on the go on the convenient app. In addition, each training usually has practical downloadable resources for easy implementation. We also have one-on-one time together each month to dive deeper into what is top of mind for you and your team. You also have unlimited email communication with me.

I am fortunate to work with various medical and surgical weight loss practices across the United States, so I get to see what’s going on in each region. At the same time, I am in the trenches just like you, leading a very busy comprehensive bariatric surgery and medical weight loss practice in Virginia that includes a fitness center and robust retail store. I love it all – especially our awesome team! None of this occurred by happenstance, it was created through deliberate action and I thoroughly enjoy helping others do the same.

We’ve had trainings on ‘How to have a Successful Sales Conversation’, ‘How to Manage No-Shows and Cancelations’ (you know how troublesome those can be), and ‘How to Upload & Optimize Your YouTube Videos’. It’s a hands-on ‘How to Do It’ and I am also available to help you with implementation. Some other topics include ‘Ideas for Minimizing a Slow Period in Your Business’, ‘How to Turn Adversity into Opportunity’ and ‘How to Package Price’. Package pricing is quite important, and I have been able to work directly with several of the practices to develop their very own package pricing. It may be different based upon various regions and individual ideas/goals, but we worked through all that together. It’s very exciting!

In addition, I have ‘7 Critical Systems Required for an Enjoyable & Successful Practice’ along with many bonus tools to go along with the systems. Some of the resources included position descriptions, how to interview, what questions to ask, and onboarding. We also do a deep dive into marketing and finances, complete with spreadsheets you can use. I offer training on revenue streams and your retail sales. A ‘Retail Store in a Box’ is waiting for you inside membership!

We’ve also had trainings on ‘A Checklist for Successfully Re-Opening Your Practice’ with everything going on, ‘5 Things to Leave Behind After COVID-19’, ‘How to Navigate Difficult Decisions in Your Practice’, “What to Focus on During the Pandemic’, How to Create (and Unleash) an Effective Sales Strategy’ so you can have something going all the time. Once you become a member, you have access to all of this, and the past trainings are available in your membership site.

My team and I also offer weekly ‘Done-for-You E-Marketing Content’. These are emails/newsletters that you can customize and share with your patients. This is a great way to maximize patient engagement. Each newsletter contains an up-to-date article related to weight loss, a motivational quote as well as a fitness tip and a healthy, low-carb recipe.

One of the favorite resources in Bariatric Business Boss is the Monthly Marketing Plans/Social Media Marketing Calendars. In it, it tells you exactly what you can post every single day in your social media sites and never have to wonder, “What should I post today?” Many of our members use this in a variety of ways, some of them create their own posts, some have us create & post things for them, others use the links within the calendars and download the graphics and recipes to put right on their pages. These are all very appropriate for bariatric patients – medical or surgical. This is all created fresh! In fact, there is a new social media calendar each month along with ideas on how to best utilize and maximize them for your practice.

We connect & meet monthly (sometimes more than that). I sometimes get a quick email that asks if we can meet again quickly to go over a question – I love that! We get on the phone and manage that together and I’ll provide any additional resources needed. It’s kind of like having a resource with nearly 2 decades of experience in your back pocket! Also, I can always relate since I am in the trenches just like you.

Finally, you will find a ‘Bonus Content’ section with great resources such as ‘How to Use Zoom in Your Practice’, ‘Retail Store in a Box’ (how to set up your whole retail store), ‘Sample Medical & Surgical Weight Loss Program Sales Sheets’, ‘How Surgeons Can Negotiate a Winning Weight Loss Surgery Self Pay Price’ and my ‘Favorite Social Media Tools to Make Your Life Easier’
This is just a little bit about what you get in Bariatric Business Boss for just $197 a month. (or get 2 months free by choosing the annual option for $1970) If you’re interested, go to www.BariatricBusinessBoss.com and check it out!

I am passionate about working with members and their teams. I love how committed all of you are to your patients and to your practice. Building a practice that serves your patients well and you well so you can have predictable profits in your practice and peace of mind. You want to work in a place that you really enjoy, without high staff turnover. All these resources can be right at your fingertips in addition to one-on-one time with me. So, check it out: www.BariatricBusinessBoss.com and join in on all the fun!

Let’s make the next year one of your very best years ever. I can’t wait to talk to you about what your goals are and what the best path is to make that happen. If you want to reach out to me personally, email me at Karol@WeightLossPracticeBuilder.com