Worried About Your Competitors?

January 22, 2019 Savor the Day 0

Worried about your competitors? It’s exhausting! You know, watching what your competitors are up to & worse, trying to copy it so you can be just like them.

In reality, most people aren’t looking for the usual. They buy/choose based upon their ‘relationship’ with a person or business. They put more value in the opinions of others (your online reviews and referrals from trusted family/friends). So relax, be yourself & stand out in the crowd! How?

Below are a few of the strategies I find successful (less expensive & more fun):

1. Curate patient testimonials. Have your staff ask for them when patients are happiest & use them in multiple ways: written, video (even just from your phone), posters in your office, at your weight loss seminars and more.

2. Do a video or blog every week (or more often if you can). Include your staff. Do a live video on your YouTube or Facebook page, transcribe it into a blog & share links in e-mails.

3. Listen to the questions your patients ask & use their questions as ideas for your posts.

4. Involve your staff–have fun!

5. Don’t be afraid of social media–embrace it!

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